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Why You Should Support the Greens

If anyone ever asks me what the hell the Greens are even meant to be about, I always have the same response: they’re Labour, but better. Sorry to any Labour devotees out there, but I prefer my socialism with a hint of breathable oxygen, thank you very much.

The Greens are perhaps the smallest of the well-known parties, if you don’t count UKIP, but are rarely given much attention by the media – definitely when in comparison to UKIP, who seem to be featured almost constantly (but no bitterness) despite their lack of MP, which I think is not what they deserve.

The Greens are often stereotyped as a bunch of tree-hugging hippies, and I’m not going to lie, that is the kind of aesthetic that I love and my outfits reflect at times, and that means that the party isn’t really taken seriously a lot of the time. I just want to say, most Green party supports don’t fit that description and there’s a whole lot more to the Green party than the stereotypes that surround it.

The party (not in the 1984 sense, I and the Greens are not about all that government totalitarian control) are advocates for free movement and acceptance, and how an open and progressive society can have a close relationship with the environment that its people live in. They push for ways to make the UK a democracy that’s, well, more democratic. To me, giving power to the people (yes I just sang that as I wrote it) is one of the most important things there is. What’s the use of having a government if it doesn’t do as their electorate wishes?

But what is the point in a government, in the end, if it has no state to govern? That’s why we need a green approach to politics, so we have a thriving environment and living through a sustainable means, which would allow us to have a happier, healthier society – one that accepts and embraces each other’s differences and builds each other up.

But I’m just a tree-hugging hippy, so maybe that’s all tosh.

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