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Essentials for a Film Day w/ PureFlix

We all love a good film night, and we all different ideas of what makes the perfect film night, so when Pure Flix, a video streaming website, asked me to share with them my ideal film night, I jumped at the chance.

My ideal film night encompasses some of the classic chick flicks and musicals, preferably singing along with some of my best pals.  For these, La La Land, Mamma Mia! And Grease are perfect, as all of us know every single word and I know it won’t take much for one or two of us (you know who you are if you’re reading this!) to get up and dance our socks off, pretending to be the characters on screen, with everyone else cracking up in hysterics under a duvet.

Snacks are always the major dilemma for anyone hosting a film night. Having recently come back from Berlin, I’m slightly obsessed with pretzels now. They’re genuinely a gift sent above to bless the Earth. So I’m sure they’ll make an appearance at any film night I have! Another question: which flavor Pringles to have? Well, the Original, Texas BBQ, Paprika, and Smokey Bacon flavours are vegan, so if you like those and want to be more environmentally/animal-friendly, then go for those! Popcorn is always a must. I personally prefer sweet, but if you like salt then salted popcorn is an abomination and believe me I judge you I won’t judge you.

Have you had a film night recently? What are your essentials?

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