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6 Reasons Why I Love Glee

Hello! As this is going up I'm preparing for two exams, so I thought I'd bring up a post that I originally wrote for Through Our Eyes and as I've been rewatching Glee recently, I thought it was still relevant.


1. It’s Lighthearted and Silly

I feel like this is what’s at the core of the programme. Without its lighthearted edge, Glee would be nothing

2. It’s So Inclusive!

Glee is probably one of the most inclusive TV shows I’ve watched - in both its actors and characters. Many of the actors come from an ethnic minority and some are LGBTQ+. More of the characters are LGBTQ+ - they have 2 trans characters and a trans choir is used. I’ve never seen another programme like that.


The show doesn’t just have a diverse cast and character list, but portrays the struggles and dangers that are very specific to them. It definitely helped me understand the experiences people who are unlike me (a cis straight white girl from a comfortable background) go through and to help others whenever I can, even if it’s just being a supporter of them.

The show also has characters who are disabled (or, as Artie likes to say, handicapable). This is amazing as it represents disabled people as actual people who are not defined by their disability. These characters are given storylines that are just as good as any of the other characters’, which is something I think we need to see more in media today.

3. Sue Sylvester

All I need to say on this one. Well, there are 2 more words I can add: Sue rages.

4. It Becomes Really Self Aware In The Last Few Series

Some of the lines they say (normally about something traditional in show being ridiculous) really make me laugh. Everyone loves a self aware show, right?

5. Diva Offs, Dance Battles and Sing Offs- They’re All Great

From Rachel and Kurt, Rachel and Mercedes, Rachel and Santana (normally Rachel, huh?) to Will and Sue about 50 times, Will and Emma, Finchel and the countless duets in-between. These are always great. But I have to say that the Schuester vs. Sylvester duets are definitely my favourites; The Winner Takes it All and their air guitar version of The Final Countdown are my top two, always.


6. Glee just feels really personal

The way it’s written comes across as being a very personal piece of the work for the writer/creator Ryan Murphy. I don’t know if it is, but I like to think so.

7. Everyone's sassy AF. 

Particularly this girl:


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