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5 Essential Glee Quotes

Seeing as I've mentioned my Glee obsession in several of my posts, it's likely that you're aware of it. I thought I would try to share some quotes that summarise the whole show in my opinion.

1. "OH SNAP!"

Becky Jackson is one of my favourite characters in Glee. Her and Sue's friendship is also probably my favourite friendship in the show, they're the best.


2. "Don't lose track of who you are just because it might be easier to be somebody else."

The underlying message in all of Glee is acceptance and being true to who you are and I think that's very important, particularly at the moment.


3. "The show must go on... All over the place... Or something."

The quote left on Finn's plaque. A reminder that no one is perfect and it's enthusiasm and a good work ethic that counts.

4. "It's, like, so unicorn."

Brittany. That's all I can say.


5. "I thought I smelled failure."

The frenemies of the century from the first series to the last.


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