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I love Harry Potter

Do you ever get this overcoming, overwhelming realisation of just how much you love something? It’s not a simple ‘oh, yeah – that’s rather good’. More like a full ‘OH MY GOD I DIDN’T REALISE JUST HOW MUCH THIS THING MEANS TO ME!” all come on in one second.

It’s like a sudden right of love and affection for this one thing, bursting in my chest as if I’m about to explode. It consumes you and fills you with this incredible awe that, as hard as hard as I try to, is indescribable.

The only thing that I ever feel this way about is Harry Potter. Anyone who knows me will know that I love it – the books, the films, everything – and those who don’t know me too well find out pretty quickly into our acquaintance. These 7 books have changed my life and made me who I am today.

Have read (or being read to by my parents) the first book as a young child I have since become an enthusiast of words, writing, books, stories and, possibly most importantly, of imagination. This one series, written by this one amazingly talented woman, has morphed me, molded me into, well, me.

At odd times I get overwhelmed by the amount I love it. I mean… I always know that I love it, but at certain times that love fills me up completely. It’s so weird how these recognitions of my adoration for these books can come along in such bursts – infrequently yet constantly.

Today I watched a film about J.K. Rowling’s life before and during the publication of The Philosopher’s Stone (Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story) and it gave me one of those realisations. A realisation that pushed me to write this post – made me leave aside my plans for a 5 Friday post all about these short stories that were very well written and entertaining but I can’t for the life of me remember what each and every plot was, let alone which were my 5 favourites out of the lot.

This film was quite poignant to me and frankly made me quite emotional. Particularly when Harry and his world were first created – one moment that would change so many lives forever. It hit home with me and I am unashamed to admit that I cried a great deal. I saw myself in the version of J.K. that was portrayed - which made me cry even more...

The film gave me one of those realisations. It reminded me just how much I love Harry Potter and his fabulous, magical world.

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