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5 Happy Instagrammers

Honestly, all of their posts are amazingly uplifting and, as the title implies, incredibly positive.

Brittany’s page is something I really love. She  encourages us to take on little life experiences that inspire me just be imagining them, let alone actually doing them.

This account posts pictures that remind us that life is amazing. They are uplifting and happy and I can honestly tell you that some of their posts have made me fall in love with life (These particular posts are similar, in some sense, to About Time (my favourite film) in the way that they deepen my obsession with the mad way we live).

Advice, pep talks, quotes and short tales, these posts are brilliant. And as they say: “Cleanse your mind of all bad vibes and let the good vibes in.”

From cute animal pictures, videos and just generally happy posts, this account has it all. I never look at one of their posts without smiling.

So thank you to these accounts and all the rest of you out there; you’re brilliant people, keep up the great work.

(All photos have been found on the accounts mentioned respectfully)

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