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Where'd the romance go?

I consider myself to be what is often referred to as a 'hopeless romantic'. I love the gushy bits at the end of romcoms and the cheesy part in a chick lit novel. I watch videos of ridiculously romantic proposals on YouTube and have probably read Pride and Prejudice an unhealthy amount of times (but let's be honest, you guys might've known that last one). I'm a sucker for practically any love quote and any sort of romantic gesture will have my imagination running wild with whole new scenarios that could possibly be linked with the one in question.

But the real life scenarios can be very different from the ones that appear in my head.

Hand written letters and late night phone calls have evolved into 'pop ups' on Snapchat and the occasional 'like' on Instagram, and the rise of the perfected art of the selfie has ensured that we only ever see someone's flaws when we are face to face with them.

We all know that the fairytale and romcom endings are very rare in the real world. That guy we thought was rather good-looking won't just spontaneously ride his motorbike across the city to catch us as we prepare to move away for good; that kiss in the rain won't be as artful as it is in films and for heaven's sake we all know Mr. Darcy doesn't actually exist (excuse me while I go cry in a corner).

All I ask is why?
Why do we have to let our digital lives dictate what happens in our physical, real ones?
Why is no one ever going on about random acts of romance instead of who just followed them on Twitter?
Why can't we add small romantic gestures back into everyday life?
Go buy flowers for your certain someone on a random day, just because you can. Take them dancing, just because you can. Go for a walk on the beach or in the woods, just because you can. Have a picnic lunch in a park, just because you can. See where I'm going with this?

We all have our own ideas of what romance truly 'is'. And just because something is deemed to be clich├ęd or cheesy doesn't mean that it's not valued by its recipient. They may laugh about it being so, but the gesture will count, whatever it is.

Romance may be less obvious than it may have been in previous years, and it might just be my overly active imagination coming into play here, but I think there's still hope for it. It's still there, and I doubt that we could ever let it disappear entirely.

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